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295VoterGarage Veluiretel 1 Rue Fraternelle - 69009 Lyon garagiste
Dear Nostromo,Hi, My name is Chioma Ozuzu and I am a from the United States and Nigeria. I have watched every sgnlie AMV you made at least twice. I wouldn't want to consider myself your biggest fan to creep you out, couldn't speak French (someday) or ask for you to check out my videos, but your style of futuristic/ vector editing is my biggest adoration of styles of editing since it is the most fitting for trance/dance music. I wanted to ask you how can I train myself to become a better editor in terms of this style? Should I go to film school? Buy books? In other words, how can I start editing with other programs? You don't have to answer every question, but I would most certainly love any type of advice you can give me. Nonetheless, awesome/awesome site and I am sure to be here often! Take care!Sincerely Yours,Chioma
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