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285VoterOlivier Degand 90, rue Duguesclin - 04 78 89 12 21
I'm in a critique group where we have an Actual, Professional, Published Authorâ„¢ as a mmeber. He doesn't show up often, but when he does, he generally leaves ripples because he seems to feel that critique' = I tell you why your writing sucks.'The only critique I ever got from him was when I submitted a story I was very fond of, that I thought was ready to send out and his entire critique was, Your writing is pretty good, but this is completely unpublishable. It took about a month before I was able to put that behind me and move on. It was really unnecessarily abusive.I give more credence to things multiple people point out, or if I really trust the opinion of the critiquer, I will give their suggestions more weight. Just a few weeks ago, I read a chapter before the group and one writer asked me, What is the point of this scene? I don't mean what is YOUR point for including it, but what is the point from the characters' POVs? That prompted me to real
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