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287VoterChez Thibault 80, rue Montesquieu - 04 78 69 41 35
Wow. For a restauranteur, you're being pttery narrow-minded. On the one hand, you assume that the purpose of vodka is to be flavourless. (An assumption.) But on the other, you propose that a Manhattan, which is a mix of several different flavours, has a higher calling because it tastes like a lot of things.But many drinks made with vodka taste like many things. Namely, the many things they are or can be mixed with. What is it, then, about the Manhattan that you find so admirable? If it's the whiskey, well, the whiskey lover in me balks at your willingness to dilute and wreck the perfect booze. No? Then it must be the combination. But why cannot this philosophy apply to vodka?Your problem with vodka seems to be that, taken on its own, it aspires to nothingness. And while that may be true, one should not judge all vodka-based (or vodka-related) mixed drinks based on this assumption. (And it IS an assumption.) Vodka mixed drinks aren't just stuff with grain alcohol po
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